Bernice Wooden Talks Career, Courage and Celibacy on Live Black Sheep

Bernice Wooden Talks Career, Courage and Celibacy on Live Black Sheep

In this episode of the Live Black Sheep podcast, Bernice Wooden shares about failure in her business that hurt her personally, limiting beliefs that held her back and challenges with her relationships. We learn the lessons she's taken from all of that and the new muscles she has developed in the process. She is stronger and dares even harder. 

The Live Black Sheep Take Over Season: The She Dares Series

I am excited to announce that I am taking over the Live Black Sheep podcast for a She Dares series!


In this season, I am having some powerful conversations with amazing women who have dared through some of life's challenges and now live life according to their own rules. I cannot WAIT to share these with you. 

The first episode is LIVE! Click here to listen!

This is such a full circle moment from when I was a guest on show, and now I am the guest host and interviewing the original host Nicole Letelier. What I love about this conversation is hearing and sharing how Nicole identify as Black Sheep and define our lives in a way that works specifically for us.

I love that this opportunity came in a casual conversation and felt so right. I said yes even though I was nervous about if I'd do a good job, figuring out all the technical things, how I would fit it in my schedule, and with some work it all worked out! I am so happy about this experience and am very excited to share more with you.

"I am Black Sheep because I don't always have the answers, and I'm okay with that." @danidares on @liveblacksheep #liveblacksheep