Dare to Be Seen with Live Black Sheep

People who meet me often think that I'm fearless. While I do take pride in being quite daring, the truth is that I do have a relationship with fear. In this episode of the Live Black Sheep podcast I share a bit behind the curtain of what many of you have seen on social media:

  • What it looks like when I'm nervous
  • What goes through my head when I doubt myself
  • How I push past the doubt 

Click here to listen to the interview. 

Some of my favorite moments:

  • Talking about becoming Miss Harlem Shake
  • Sharing about the The Power of You Teens
  • Being dared to create daniellefontus.com 

It was such an honor an pleasure doing this interview with two women I've had the pleasure of growing with over the last few years. Beyond this episode, please check out the amazing conversations they are having and join the #LiveBlackSheep movement!