10 Reasons Why I'm Excited about The Empowerment Social 2018


You keep hearing me talk about The Empowerment Social on May 19th, but maybe you still don't understand why I'm so excited. So I wanted to tell you exactly why:

#1: I love the mission and the story why it was created. So many networking events are stiff, boring, uncomfortable, and so many parties are intense and aggressive. This event brings the two together perfectly. It's for young professionals who are about their business and also know how to have fun. This is what so many of have been craving and wishing for.

Copy of dani1 (1).PNG

#2: I am so grateful for this opportunity to live my best life as your host for the day. I've always wanted to be a hype woman so I get to do that. Or as Tiffany Haddish would say I'll be your energy producer.

#3: I CANNOT WAIT to see who I'll meet! I already know that we've invited SO many DOPE young professionals that the collective network is going to be INSANE.

#4: I'm excited to connect with so many people I've only known through social media. Like social, in real life.

#5: The DJ! DJ Taela Naomi is ONE of my FAVORITE DJs (because female DJs are the DOPEST) and she is going to be bringing the tunes and the vibes to keep us dancing and having fun for the whole event.

SEE!?!!? Now you get it right?

If you for some reason, need more...

#6: The speakers - they are going to help us get our lives together! I'm ready to take notes from Bola Sokunbi of Clever Girl Finance to take my financial life to the next level. And I want that for you too!

#7: Did you know that it's open bar FOR THE WHOLE EVENT? Thanks to EFFEN Vodka!

#8: Food. Your ticket includes brunch!

#9: I get to create magic with my friend! My boss squad goal buddy Kimberly Brown. I get to help bring her vision to life and see her shine in her best light.

#10: We just had so much fun last year that I'm excited to do it again and I just can’t wait to see how it goes this time around!

Here's a peek into last year's Empowerment Social:

Invite your friends to join you!