That Time I Was on TV with Oprah and Yara Shahidi

Danielle Fontus. Oprah Winfrey. Yara Shahidi. All in one room at The Apollo Theater in Harlem. 

With a few hundred of our closest friends. lol.


Okay, maybe we weren't hanging out but I was there in the room with those two powerful women and got to witness such a great, deep and genuine conversation. 

In this clip from Oprah's Super Soul Conversations that was recorded at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, I got my few seconds of screen time within the moments of Oprah and Yara Shahidi's conversation. I love the timing of this appearance because of what Yara is sharing in this moment, and the fact that Oprah said "woke" made my day. It was such a special experience to be in the room during this conversation. (scroll below video for more)

The day also included conversations with Selma Hayek, Jordan Peele, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert. I don't get excited about celebrities because of their fame but for their level of accomplishment. In these conversations, each person shared wisdom and lessons learned from their experiences, the painstaking process of their journeys and how they are humbly still figuring it all out, which is what I was so inspired by. It was such a great reminder and they proved to be real life examples of the value of consistently creating from the heart.

This was perfect timing for me as I have been playing in new creative spaces. It feels great to be in this space again, and I will also admit that it has overwhelming and discouraging moments - mainly when I'm scrolling social media and comparing.

I am so happy I had this experience of being in the room of these important conversations.