Daring with Dani: Improv with Fatima Farmer

I LOVE that people reach out to me when they want to do something that makes them uncomfortable. I love being an adventure buddy to hold your hand and give you the little push - encouragement, enthusiasm, whatever you need!

So of course when Fatima Farmer of Soul Beauty Chat asked me if I'd like to join her for an improv class, the answer was an immediate YES. Fatima and I met a few years back at the Dream Job Brunch hosted by Krystal Elaine Scott and we've crossed paths at other events like Christina Brown's Brown Girls Love Power Day

What I love that Fatima has been sharing lately is about navigating and expanding her social life as an introvert. I love that she has decided to no longer let that hold her back. 

After our improv class, I asked Fatima to share a tip about meeting people as an introvert. Find out what she had to say in this video:


We also had a nice chat afterwards about no longer identifying as "introvert" or "shy" because we are outgrowing those labels, and that felt so liberating.