Bernice Wooden Talks Career, Courage and Celibacy on Live Black Sheep


This quote is EXACTLY why I wanted to do this series. I wanted to share the stories of women who have dared through some of life's challenges because I stay in awe of how strong and resilient we are. I LOVE hearing stories of triumph.

In this episode of the Live Black Sheep podcast, Bernice Wooden shares about failure in her business that hurt her personally, limiting beliefs that held her back and challenges with her relationships. We learn the lessons she's taken from all of that and the new muscles she has developed in the process. She is stronger and dares even harder. 

Note: Her book How to Get a Degree in Celibacy: 10 Steps to Keeping Your Lips Closed is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon.

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of the Live Black Sheep podcast with Bernice Wooden.