#TBT: Adventure 101 on Girlfriendology.com

In honor of #throwbackthursday, let's go back to my Adventure 101, when I learned some of my first lessons adventure lessons.

Photo credit: Tali Blankfield

Photo credit: Tali Blankfield

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Adventure is fun, but it can sometimes make us uncomfortable. I have learned that it is in those uncomfortable moments that we grow and learn valuable lessons. So what lessons can we learn through adventure and apply to our everyday lives?

I find that after every adventure, I feel proud, accomplished, empowered, and enlightened. I feel like I go through life a little more boldly; and that is my wish for you: to live life in a bigger, bolder, and more fulfilling way.

Let’s explore some adventures, the take away lessons, and how we can apply them in everyday life.Please keep in mind that you may take away different things depending on what you’re going through, and you may be able to apply them to different specific situations, but I hope you can relate to how I’ve seen it play out in my own life.

Let’s start with adventure as a whole.

What lessons do we learn?

Through adventure we learn to trust ourselves. We learn that we are bolder, stronger, and capable of more than we thought. We learn how to channel our fear into adrenaline and play at our fullest. We learn what it feels like to conquer and accomplish something great, and we learn how it feels to be proud, empowered, and fired up.

How can we apply this in everyday life?

We can apply these lessons and feelings to any change in our lives, challenging situation, or difficult decision that may require a risk or faith. Knowing that we can trust ourselves, that we’re capable of more than we thought, how to channel our fear and what it feels like to be empowered, we can take on and handle those situations with a new attitude and greater ease.

In the rest of the post, I share about the lessons we can take from horseback riding, rock climbing and flying trapeze.

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