*Photo credit:  Alissa Nichole   #alissashoots

I started the #GetHappyHour because I was feeling stuck in a rut and getting bored with the routine I was living in. At times, I felt like a hostage in my own life - like I created all these situations that "made sense." Some of those situations I realized weren't actually a right fit once I was in them, and for others, I was simply outgrowing them.

It's funny that I consider myself someone who is not very traditional and has taken a pretty unconventional path up to this point, never being one to care too much for a 9-5 corporate lifestyle. Yet, it's interesting how thoughts of doing things that "make sense" can start to seep in. I'll admit that turning 30 may have something to do with that idea of making "adult" decisions. So in seeking stability and security seemed like the right thing to. And that felt boring. It also felt like some of the fun, spontaneous and adventures pieces of me were fading away, and I didn't like that. 

Some might consider me a freedom seeker. Once I start to feel stifled or restricted, I get restless. Which is what was starting to happen, and I was craving in my body on a molecular level, something new, fun and creative. I wanted to burst out of my skin and my life as it was. I wanted to run, jump, dance, spin, something!

So I set out on a pleasure hunt for what my heart desired and it brought me to my get happy hour. Mondays have always been my favorite day of the week because I love the fresh start to a new week full of possibilities. I love to set it up with all of my ambitions and plans. Having Mondays to myself is of the utmost importance. Once that became a reality with my work schedule, I made it a priority to make it a day that fuels me, feeds me, and excites me with energy to carry into the rest of my week.

I thought about all the things I love doing and have been wanting to try because that's when I feel most alive. When I'm exploring, trying something new, and having some kind of adventure. 

I started with Buti Yoga with my friend Paige Welborne because she brings such a special life to yoga. Combining yoga with tribal dance, this experience is both centering and exhilarating.

My other Get Happy Hours have included:

  • anti gravity yoga
  • kickboxing at Rumble
  • coloring and chatting with my girls
  • a visit to the supermarket and preparing a nourishing meal
  • a solo date
  • a money date
  • vision boarding
  • a random photoshoot with a friend
  • a walk around my neighborhood
  • Sometimes it's burning a new candle and painting my nails because that's something that forces me to sit still
  • this week was a girls night out to see Girls Trip, which was full of stomach hurting, tears forming laughs

I would like to note that this is not to be confused with happy hour. Yes, it can include wine and cocktails. But this is not about getting drunk and whining about life. Yes we all need a vent sometimes but this is about focusing on the solution of finding things that feel good. 

Please share: 

  • What makes you feel most alive?
  • What things have you been wanting to try?