All I Want For My Birthday...

::cue music:: (and you really only need to listen to the first 0:20)

Yes, my birthday is coming up. August 1st to be exact. For those of you who have been asking about what I want, I'm going to make it easy.

I've deemed this year as my #BigBad31, and the theme really is stepping into this next chapter as my biggest, baddest self.

With that said, my heart has a few desires:

1. A plane ticket (ideally to Costa Rica but I'm open). I'll gladly accept travel rewards points or vouchers. I'll even accept a Groupon for an adventure. I'm easy and here for fun!

3. Mess in a Bottle Grillz (you say swim suit, I say leotard) 

4. ALL of The Lip Bar colors - mainly Curlfriend, Rebel, Drama Queen, Savage.

If you find it in your heart to bless me with any of these, I will be very happy and oh so grateful.