Danielle Fontus on My Freshman Year of Life Blog

I'm so honored and excited to be featured on My Freshman Year of Life Blog

I feel like I have learned so many valuable lessons since graduating from college - feeling like a student in this School of Real Life. I'm happy to be able to share some of these lessons and share about my adventures with She Dares and beyond:

"What prompted you to start She Dares?

During my time in Trinidad, I was so awestruck that I really wanted to share it with those who had never experienced anything like it. That year I started Her Journey travel magazine, which was an enhanced rebirth of the newsletter I used to send to my college friends to motivate us through those days when college life got real.

After doing that for a while, I wanted to CREATE these experiences instead of just writing about them. After doing a lot of these experiences alone, I realized that I wanted to find more daring women like me, I created She Dares to help form genuine connections in the best way I know how through fun and adventure. I LOVE meeting new people and finding out about them and I LOVE a good adventure. Putting those two things together, She Dares was born."

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