What I Learned from Daybreaker

For those of you who haven't heard of or experienced Daybreaker for yourself, let me the set the scene for you:

As you’re approaching the location, you may notice other people in onesies or leggings or tutus or sparkles heading in the same direction you're going. You're welcomed at the door with a big ol' hug, and you can hear the music bumping before you walk in. Every step of the way, you're wondering "what am I getting myself into?" and curiosity keeps you going. You enter to find a room full of energy, music, dancing, love, sweat and good vibes!

You bop to the beat and look around to see everyone else living their whole lives, and when you let yourself get lost in it, it feels amazing! All the music and goodness bumping through the space and your body. By the end, you’re juiced up from the good vibes around you and leave feeling invincible.

And did I mention that this is at 7am? And sober.

Now there are not many things I wake up this early for. And I'll be honest: waking for Daybreaker can be a struggle, but it is so worth it once you get there.

Daybreaker is a 7am dance party (6am if you'd like to participate in the yoga first) to start the day off in a fun, positive and radically amazing way and carry that energy into the day not only for yourself but to also spread those vibes to those around you and those you interact with throughout the day.

I’ve been to at least 10 at this point - from a secret location, where an elf met us in Herald Square and led us into Macy's where we danced in a life size snow globe with a drummer, to a rooftop, where construction workers who were working on a building floors above us were so inspired by our dance party what one of them took his shirt off to shake what his mama gave him; To a boat where a woman killed it on her pink violin while crowd surfing in a giant inflatable flamingo (sarah pink violin). Like you can’t make this stuff up! And these are moments that have made a home in my memory.

What I’ve learned from Daybreaker is how to be a more epic human being and let my dopeness shine bright to live a more epic life.

From Elliot LaRue, who is THE.MOST.EPIC.EMCEE.EVER! - the host who gives you the absolute most. He has given me new inspiration for my own hosting career goals; To the dopest artists like Hudson Horns, Malik Dope Drummer, Haile Supreme, they give you their all. And get you hyped up about life!

Photo credit: Daybreaker's dope photographer

Photo credit: Daybreaker's dope photographer

I’ve learned to allow myself to be free and experience whatever I’m craving - wild creativity. It’s the chance to unleash and play and forget the rules.

Spreading love and mischief, these are my kind of people, and they are spreading this dopeness all over the world. 10 years since its birth, Daybreaker is now in over 18 cities on the globe, have danced on white house lawn, and now expanding to college campuses, which is soooo dope.

If you’re even the least bit curious, I dare you to try it for yourself.

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