IMPROVing My Life

On this never ending pleasure hunt, I continue to explore things that pique my interest and tickle my fancy. For this latest installment of my personal Get Happy Hour series, I decided to IMPROV my life at the People's Improv Theater!

I've enjoyed improv since high school and was a huge fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway? So I went into this intro series with the intention of stretching myself. People don't believe me when I say I have shy moments, but it's true. They happen. So this was definitely a fun way to further equip myself with some skills, tools and muscles to better handle those moments. To help me come out of my shell even more, get comfortable in this new space of being on camera and better hone skills that can be applied to all kind of areas of life - like in my day job and all of these personal pursuits. Pretty much be able to be even more me.


They had me at the sign that read "Follow the fear. Find the fun" It's like it was branded for and speaking directly to me.

I LOVED the class! My teacher Katie Hutch - who could definitely be Miss Frizzle - was amazing. I loved how we learned lessons we can always apply to everyday life:

  • be aware of those around us and those we work and interact with
  • listening, communicating and collaborating
  • being in the moment
  • embracing the mistakes
  • going with what's genuine
  • "first thought, best thought"

Some of the biggest lessons for me were to learning to trust myself, commit and really focus in on details. I got to see what happens when I really go for it and lose the limitations.

The best part is that we got to play! We let loose, laughed at our mistakes and had so much fun. 

I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to be better at public speaking or performing, or just gain more confidence in general. I bet it could also be helpful in dating and prepping for job interviews. Or if you just want to be a more fun person or have more fun in your life.

Maybe it'll be uncomfortable, maybe even get a little weird, but it is definitely worth the try!

I dare you!

UPDATE: I went to my friend Sam's show on Wednesday, and he signed me up to participate in a jam, where I had to get on stage and ended up doing 3 scenes! In case you're wondering, YES I was nervous and was freaking out, and then there was a point where it switched to excitement. It was fun and uncomfortable. And I'm excited to do more.

Be careful. Sometimes your friends will dare you to be even greater than you planned. 



Fun fact:  Some familiar faces are on the PIT's Hall of Fame.

Fun fact:

Some familiar faces are on the PIT's Hall of Fame.