Dani Dares is on YouTube!

I have been talking about this one for a long time, and I'll admit that I've avoided it for just as long. Even a person like me who dares to do things that most people won't has her uncomfortable moments; and this was (and kind of still is) one of them.

I'd been taking little steps here and there (with a bag of mixed emotions: throw in a little procrastination, add in a dash of self doubt and sprinkle some excitement on top). I started with "let me set up the YouTube channel" "let me practice on SnapChat and Instastory" all of which have been helpful. But there really is power in JUST DOING IT. 

With special thanks to Angela Hubbs who asked me what my big bad scary goal was, I took the leap and jumped in to create my first official YouTube video on my channel. What I loved most about working with Angela was her fun and gentle yet very matter of fact way of pushing me and making this feel so approachable.

So here it is, flaws and all (video below).

In this process, I am also learning to embrace my imperfections while remaining committed to continuously getting better and challenging myself to stay consistent.

Please stay tuned to help me keep going. It will definitely be an adventure for all of us.

On my channel you can expect to find:

  • An expert guide to New York City
  • A unique perspective of all the city has to offer
  • Fun and adventure
  • And lessons we can take from these adventures and apply to our real lives

PLUS: Adventures beyond NYC!

I have ALL the ideas and many fun things I'd love to do. So like I said in the video, let's see where all of this adventure takes us.

Thank you for watching and for your support!

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